Providing Measurable Cleaning & Guaranteed results


Professional Cleaning Service Company

PelePele Investments is an established 100% Black owned, youth classication and managed company.

The company was established with the aim to provide specialist services in all departments of the Private sector as well as Government.

Over time the company has grown that it now can provide development planning, project and cleaning management services as well as undertaking the management and execution of all related works.

To be a Leader in the Consumer Value.

We will become the most valued Company to consumers, investors, business partners, and the communities where we work and live.

We value integrity, consumer focus, creativity and responsiveness. We positively sort out environmental matters, safety and society.

What We Do

Pelepele Investments provides the science behind our services. We take our defnition of quality industrial cleaning, overlay our measurement of it, and then make sure we deliver it using the most advanced techniques and equipment available, including and limited to the following divisions:

Vacuuming & Super sucking
Hydro Jetting
Dry Ice Blasting
VIP Mobile Toilet Hire

Pelepele Investments focuses exclusively on clients that require quality cleaning services, and we have built our client base and reputation on the premise. Pelepele Investments operating systems, branded processes and outstanding client service have formed the foundation for delivering exceptional Industrial cleaning services. Each project brings unique challenges and requires careful attention to detail. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure their distinctive vision becomes a reality. Our ultimate goal: to deliver a finished products we would be proud to call our own. Our work in concert with you to clean the highest quality facility at the best possible cost. Pelepele Investments is a customer-driven innovation and an eye for the bottom line.

At Pelepele Investments our focus is on building a reputation for quality, customer-valued practices. Our past clients are the foundation for fostering a strong business in the future. As our customer, our name lies in your hands; we work hard to protect it.


A consistently clean facility should be viewed as an investment, as it provides a real return by not only projecting an image of quality but also creating safe, healthy working environment for your employees. In addition, Pelepele Investments increases your return on investment by providing the following;

- Well- trained and experienced cleaning crew that you know you trust because they are bonded.
- The expertise and ability to provide additional services when needed.
- Proactive communication and a ready response any time needed.
- Quality assurance processes that consider your point of view.
- Top- of- the- line industrial cleaning equipment.